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i'm rissa, stoner gremlin and living breathing twitch chat


mohammed avdol and urdnot wrex both mean the world to me.. my sun and stars. dfi you think you love them more than i do because you dont haha i'm kidding but it sounds like what someone on here would say doesn't it

I DO LIKE/RELATE TO REALLY TERRIBLE CHARACTERS and if that makes you uncomfortable enough then block (i don't condone their actions but i do love seeing them be terrible people)

i got absolutely no filter wrt commenting so if you see me replying to your tweet and you're like "who the hell is this guy" it's bc you showed up in my followers' likes, blame twitter's shitty algorithm not me

i'm very carefree and generally laid back as a person but i got BAAAAAD ADHD-I so ...

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  • its ok to mute
  • don't be afraid to tell me to f/o, i appreciate honesty
  • hardblock>softblock when breaking mutuals or if you don't want me interacting w your tweets
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  • tamami kobayashi (jjba)
  • bender (futurama)
  • quark (ds9)
  • pathetic evil creep of the week
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  • No trolling, contentless insults, childish jokes, or bragging to intentionally provoke incels. No vicious personal attacks at anyone; we are fine with an occasional insult, but we are not fine with nothing but insults. Keep your anger and lack of civility to yourself.
  • No laziness. Know what the subreddit is about and don't define incel as merely a lack of sex that can be fixed by going to a prostitute. Do not grossly exaggerate or stereotype all incels as the same or say all incels think they are entitled to sex/relationships or are hateful; everyone has different views. Likening incels to pedophiles or murderers will result in a ban.
  • Any content that encourages a user who is suicidal to commit suicide or engage in self harm will be removed and you may be banned. This rule also includes encouragi...
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