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OSDD-1b group. "Regulus" is the name of the brightest star in the Leo constellation, often called the "heart of the lion". Skyler thought "Regulus System" suited us. (Sorted by how often they come out. Left to right)

Regulus follows:

Gender: Female (she/her)

Age: Mid 30s

Descriptor: Original Protector

She was one of the original two to split from Max. Over the years her brother, Brad (a huge fuckboy), split so many times its assumed he's gone now. She was thought to be gone too until she popped up again a while ago. She is logical to a fault, taking others feelings in very little regard when it comes to making decisions. She used to be a good and protective person that helped Max make wise decisions, but within the last several years she's gone from being helpful to hurtful. Her logical outlooks have turned to brutal criticisms, even cutting off communication with friends she deems are "not a positive influence". This would be welcome, but her opinions of people are broad and unrelentingly critical, therefore labeling almost everyone as a bad influence. Luke originally split from her and its apparent from the way they both talk and behave. Luke, however, has learned empathy, while Alice is still very stunted on that front.

Fronting Frequency: Thought she had disappeared years ago but recently she came back. Who knows how often she'll be out.

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may 16 2018 +