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"I am wrapped up in the study of ancient all the time in a poetical world of my own and scarcely realizing the existence of other people...But when they get to know me, they find to their extreme surprise that I am kind and gentle" — Murasaki Shikibu

サラ follows:


❀ Name: Sarah

❀ Age: 20

❀ Pronouns: She/her, or they/them if you like

❀ Nationality: American

❀ Occupation: Student, amateur writer and artist

❀ Majors: History and 日本語


❀ Zodiac: Aries Sun | Libra Moon | Sagittarius rising

❀ Myers-Briggs: INFP

❀ Sexuality: Asexual lesbian

❀ Religion: Pagan

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❀ I'm a very shy person, even online, so I basically never talk to others. If you tweet at me, or comment on something I've made, I may or may not reply to you—but if I don't, please don't take it personally! For some reason, I just find it easier to throw my thoughts to the void than actually interact with people... (/)-(\);;

❀ Please don't follow/interact with me if you're intolerant of people different from you (because of race/ethnicity, sex/gender, romantic orientation, weight, religion, etc) or support sick things (such as pedophilia, incest, amongst other things). Otherwise, I'm a fairly chill person; I don't generally get offended easily, and as long as you're not intentionally a jerk I'm sure we'll get along.

❀ I rarely post about things that I think would be triggering to people (such as things about child abuse, sensitive topi...

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❀ History

❀ Art

❀ Mythology/folklore

❀ Fashion

❀ Dolls

❀ Animation and manga

❀ Books

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❀ Sound Horizon | Remi | Faun | Maretu


❀ Avatar: The Last Airbender | Steven Universe | The Rose of Versailles | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Battle Tendency) | Girl's Last Tour | The Tale of Princess Kaguya


❀ The Heart of Thomas | Land of the Lustrous | Orange | Girl Friends | Olympos


❀ Le Petit Prince | The Book Thief | The Hobbit | Songs of the Metamythos


❀ NieR: Automata | NieR Gestault | Journey

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