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Dreaming System / Collective Dreaming

dreaming follows:

some rules:

  • Don't interact with us if you post CGL(re)/etc, ship pedophilia or incest, or if you call characters loli/shota.
  • We don't tolerate nasty "anti-SJW" / "anti-PC" bullshit, radfems and truscum included. Mocking "special" genders/pronouns, otherkin/fictionkin, or "cringey" interests isn't funny or acceptable.
    • If you think trigger jokes or calling things the r-slur is funny, go choke.
  • We're ace and otherwise LGBT+ and aren't comfortable with exclusionists.
  • We support self-dx and the right to reject psychiatry.
    • To syscoursers, we're also in support of endogenic and other non-disorder multiplicity.

other notes:

  • Please don't interact with us if you or a friend IDs as Fiona or David from Alice mare
  • We'll block anyone who tries to drag us into drama/discourse
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