• i got a switch! if anyone wants to play hmu
  • i forget if i put this already but when i don't have an actual drawing idea, i just draw memes. it'll happen more often than not, so don't expect too much when i draw
  • i consider myself fairly decent at tetris, but everyone in my family refuses to play me,, please, i want to play someone in ppt that isn't my sister,,
  • on the other hand, i'm entirely too slow at puyo, but i'm trying to learn :')
jul 7 2017 ∞
oct 17 2017 +
  • @HYDROClTlES (mutuals only!)
  • @CHllDEKA (more of a "public relations" account, might make a new one with less cursing)
  • @exdottxt (puyotet crack rp, similar to a dotorg but less gay)
  • @PlasmaBomb_txt (bomberman crack rp)
  • @magurodottxt (whoops i made another)
  • discord: keeboy#5110 (ask before adding!)
  • i had a skype but i can't log back in (or even get on skype), so don't try to message me there anymore if you have it
jun 10 2017 ∞
dec 19 2017 +
  • piano
  • drawing
  • video games
  • talking to people
jun 10 2017 ∞
jun 10 2017 +
list icon
  • go to japan
  • create a video game
  • do a professional cosplay
  • create a functional ai
  • get all my friends in one place at the same time
jun 10 2017 ∞
jun 10 2017 +
  • Username: キーボ☆
  • Friend Code: SW-4378-1334-1418


  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • Super Bomberman R
  • ARMS
  • Splatoon 2
  • Sonic Mania
  • Sonic Forces
jul 9 2017 ∞
jan 18 2018 +
  • megaman (classic/x/zero/zx)
  • sonic
  • kirby
  • bomberman
  • puyo puyo
  • danganronpa
  • shantae
  • professor layton
  • sploon
  • i know it's not a videogame but awful hospital
  • aliens go home run
  • super monkey ball
  • samba de amigo
  • ghost trick
  • phoenix wright (how could i forget)
  • i’m probably forgetting a lot
jun 10 2017 ∞
feb 15 2018 +
  • Mighty/Deku/Mago/Cup/Vic/Keebo/Nova
  • (void) y/o
  • 07/30
  • genderfluif (any pronouns ok!!)
  • a giant nerd
  • very friendly and shy at the same time
  • caucasian
  • demipansexual (i think)
  • polyamorous
  • kinda attention hungry (due to a lack of it in the first place)
  • triangle
jun 10 2017 ∞
feb 4 2018 +
  • Jordan (og s.o., will fistfight you at denny's. loves politics and robits, trying to drag them to puyo & dr hell with me. @RageCapsule)
  • Valentine (trans gorl who i'm v proud of!!! a very pure bab whomst needs more lov. learning to art but i believe in her!!!! uh her @ changes constantly)
  • Jesi (valid as fuck, a soft baby who i keep dragging to hell with me, loves chihiro fujisaki and Every Matsu Ever. @starbeanklug)
sep 13 2017 ∞
feb 7 2018 +
  • i'm VERY clingy,,
  • i'm not too comfortable starting conversations, but i also kinda get overwhelmed by too many notifications. despite that, i love talking to people! please start a conversation with me,,
  • i do have autism, but it's not really something you'd notice right away. it does enhance my imagination, though.
  • when i post art, if y'all see it, could you please at least do somethin' to let me know? liking is nice,, (helpful criticism is also nice)
  • i have the mouth of a sailor
  • i'm learning esperanto, french, and greek (not enough to actually talk to anyone), gonna get to japanese eventually
  • i'm always down for drawing requests! got a shitpost idea but don’t wanna draw it yourself? hit me up
jun 10 2017 ∞
jan 18 2018 +


  • Mighty Bomber (Bomberman Jetters)
  • Maguro Sasaki (Puyo Puyo)
  • Keebo (K1-B0, Danganronpa V3)
  • Sissel (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective)


  • Deku (Izuku Midoriya, Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia)
  • Ex (Puyo Puyo Tetris)
  • Zero (Megaman X / Megaman Zero)
  • Blue Bomber (Super Bomberman R)
  • Plasma Bomber (Super Bomberman R)
  • Thetis (Megaman ZX Advent)
  • Amigo (Samba De Amigo)
  • Yanyan (Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz)
  • Shuichi Saihara (Danganronpa V3)
  • Lynne (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective)
  • Yuta Asahina (Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls)
  • Fried (Puyo Puyo Quest)
jun 10 2017 ∞
feb 23 2018 +