• seriously too obsessed with tv series
  • longish straight hair
  • like to cook
  • body parts: throat, hands
  • i constantly had bruises and cuts on my legs when i was in primary school
  • really focused on things that interest me
  • loner (keep to yourself, mind your own business)
  • don't really do relationships
  • constantly hums noncommittally
  • sigh a lot
  • i'm a pie person
  • only sport i like is swimming
  • treats kids like tiny adults
  • sign: ascendant on aquarius and moon in libra
  • only let people i like invade personal space
  • incredibly out of shape
  • grumpy
  • don't like most people usually
  • not good at schoolwork
  • race: veela
  • people with the intj personality type are imaginative and determined, ambitious but reserved and incredibly curious
  • 8tracks
  • intelligent
  • blog | twt | insta
  • college student
  • looks like a bad bitch, is a bad bitch
  • caring, smartass, meme
  • i'm only 17 i only got a few dollars
  • i'm 90% cuddly and 10% awkward.
  • twitter / tumblr
  • ravenclaw
  • spa / eng ok
  • she/her
  • slytherclaw
  • hips
  • eyes
  • jaw
  • fav drink: iced tea
  • have grey kitten
  • likes to read
  • watching: wes anderson's works
  • games
  • my favourite starter pokemon are piplup and typhlosion
  • i love pokemon
  • i mostly use twitter and tumblr but sometimes i use instagram
  • pastel pics make me happy
  • my favourite legendary pokemon is giritina
  • interests: fashion, food, good music, good company, books
  • minor
  • basics
    • female
    • fave colours: white
    • really really really love dogs
    • bisexual
  • scorpio;
  • too lazy for life
    • melancholic
  • aesthetic
  • fluent in korean and english, learning mandarin, japanese and french
  • i come off as cold
  • rt heavy [99% fanart; 1% memes]
  • lindsay
  • lu. she/her. br
  • bess, 19, she/her, lesbian
  • mochi.
  • i'm cloud (close friends can call me espen)
  • dylan + 19 + he/him
  • zoe
  • m a d d i e +
  • ouma kokichi gave me heartburn
  • megs / megatron
  • im alice (allie is fine too) & i spend majority of my time playing japanese taptap games. maid dragon is my 1# anime of all time!
  • i'm actually lucas miller from the adventure zone!!!
  • name: dori/kei (nicknames are a-ok!)
  • ana vitória | 960503 | brazil.
  • animes:
    • boo
  • judah, 17, white, boy
  • getting to know jihoon would result in noticing that he's far more interested in his work than upholding a conversation, and that he always prefers his coffee black, no sugar. eternally bored and almost as equally passive with most things in life, the introverted jihoon finds displeasure in getting out of bed in the morning and thinks of people as an everyday hassle. he's been raised well enough to participate in social customs and spares the occasional "how are you doing", even if he doesn't really care
  • currently trying to get a major in forensics
  • i'm nico / isaiah
  • heya im keith and i love liches
  • anyone is welcome to follow, but if you start bein creepy I reserve the right to block
  • haise sasaki is my spirit animal tbh
  • lily ; 1996, astro's mom
  • gua
  • im v clingy and don't like letting friends go so
  • i don't usually follow back if we don't have ANY common interests
  • other than personal things, my twitter is primarily enstars and utaite!
  • i see homophobic/transphobic or racist/sexist things on your account
  • i go by nori/m
  • you frequently use slurs
  • name; sandra
  • enfp
  • name: mira
  • alias: andie
  • im tripp i spent over $200 at teavana and i'll do it again
  • please don't follow if you're under 18
  • maxie
  • i also have:
  • i'm a ditz. if i say something stupid or incorrect (like a name wrong, wrong info, etc.), politely inform me!
  • name: ivan kim
  • virgo
  • michael/ryan (alternate names pls) (screenname is what i feel like being called)
  • name: ------
  • name: whoever is fronting.
  • 20 years old (gemini)
  • cyrus
  • sarah. '00 liner. the regular boring taurus + istj girlie. obsessed with sailor jupiter, gudetama and skincare. likes sleeping, animals, flowers, listening to music and watching k-dramas. [ twitterlastfm ]
  • i'm vietnamese-american
  • please tag animal death/abuse, gore, blood, and emeto
  • likes anime on the dl
  • leo (or any kin name!!)
  • heyo I'm zozo, i'm 19 and i never learned how to fucking read
  • im ira! im a guy who luvs big guys and translates/does stuff sometimes
  • 18
  • mali
  • trick/trickadee
  • university life
    • honours bachelor of fine arts
      • major in photography, minor in language studies
    • welcome to my listography, babe.
      • lucas
  • ani, 20 ♀ || nilfgaardian little witch || ENG/SPA
  • tasya
  • february 25
  • chris
  • name: sawyer (not alex)
  • nina
  • i retweet A LOT of fan art
  • thomas marqueslibra ☽ taurus ⇡ pisces


  • nicole
  • twenty
  • laurel, ezra, or piquk
  • age: 25 years

basic facts

  • i really love chicken nuggets.
  • i do homework on fridays.
  • i swear too much.
  • i want a better booty.
  • my favourite snack is pringles (esp bbq, pizza, mexican layered dip, loaded baked potato, honey mustard)
  • typically masculine
  • big-ish eyes
  • severly insecure
  • bad at talking
  • nervous 80% of the time
  • geek
  • short
  • can't lie
  • theo.

if we're mutuals pls tag the following if it isn't too much trouble !! ones with a ★ are more important (blacklist applies to text as well as pictures)

  • ★nsfw (nudity, sex, porn)


→ eryn // any pronouns

im matt

names: nebu, nebby, neb, pink, pinku! take your pick honestly i don't mind either one!


  • i am an adult and even though i'm not overly nsfw, if you are a minor and that makes you uncomfortable then just unfollow because i will not cater to the whims of minors since you can police your own content intake, it's not my job to do that for you

my real name is nathalie, but my nickname(s) are ki, apple, pepe, or shoto (don't call me mika.)


  • name: akka / xandria

hey! i'm elliot, but you can call me by whatever kin shift im in.


  • you know me from school

my name's miri and this is my personal/ hobby account. i'm usually busy but feel free to talk to me anytime.

the name's mitho

  • im 16 (september 22nd)

i dont asked for a whole lot to be tagged except for just general gore and trypophobia. i am pretty lenient with a lot of things. please ask me to tag things as i forget things incredibly easy. here are som other things

  • im depressed/have anxiety but medicated for neither


  • jackie

u can call me queen, yam, kace, or el(e)

  • 19(march 5th/pisces)

hiya!! i go by saeran or gamble :>

  • 16 , ♋

hello! my name is joan, and yes, all of my usernames are this creative. ❀

    • ❝ _Open different doors. You may find a you there that you never knew was yours. ❞

               – Mary Poppins_

    • about me;
      • 24 years, virgo ♍ (08.24)

jie ∙ twenty ∙ she/her.

ya boy august/dave strider:

age: shh its a secret (but im a minor so keep that in mind)

kath — br — 16

  • 011003. libra sun aries moon

i love kurapika with all of my heart.

☽☼✧ leohe/theynbgay ✧☼☾

— alessandra; i'll grow through the people i meet and the places i see

    • sixteen & infp

she/her. 1999. pisces. brazilian

    • things i love : music. books. sleep. art. movies. animes. fanfic. poetry. tv shows. animals. astrology. ice cream. chocolate. psychology. rainy days. classic songs. photography. fictional characters.
jan 10 2015 ∞
jun 1 2018 +