• W. Yuen (Philosophy). Entertaining during morning lectures, self-deprecating sense of humor. Fall '11.
  • Van Vleet (Philosophy). Chill but authoritative. Great balance. Spring '12.
  • M. Brosamer (English). Sets the standard and expects you to follow through. Type of strictness that I need from a teacher. Fall '11.
  • C. Bolt (Business). Nice and relatable. Talked about going to rock concerts during the 60's and 70's sometimes. Easy breeze class. Spring '12.
  • K. Buteau (Physical Education). EXCELLENT. Definitely knows what she's teaching, especially in yoga. Also drills you about nutrition. Fall '11.


  • V. Nguyen (Stats). Will inspire you to challenge yourself. If a 30 year old Vietnamese immigrant transferred to Berkeley within 3 semesters doing unit overload and working full time, why can't you? Fall '12
  • H. Trieu (Econ). Very nice teacher, Asian grandpa-esque. Not always funny but tries.
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