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hi! i'm calliope! i use they/she/he pronouns depending on how i'm feeling, though you can always use they/them! please read this and dm me the password to follow!

calliope follows:

primary kins

  • kravitz (the adventure zone)
  • kenma kozume (haikyuu!!)
  • angus delaney (night in the woods)
  • kanaya maryam (homestuck)
  • julian devorak (the arcana)
  • brooke lohst (be more chill)
  • michiru kaioh/sailor neptune (sailor moon)

secondary kins

  • yamaguchi tadashi (haikyuu!!)
  • akaashi keiji (haikyuu!!)
  • duck newton (the adventure zone: amnesty)
  • jonathan combs (welcome to hell)
  • padparadscha sapphire (steven universe)
  • olivia white (lemonade mouth)
  • hunk garett (voltron: legendary defender)

note: tertiary, copingkins, synpaths, and questioning kins are in the ongoing tab! i have so many so don't feel obligated to read them all!

may 22 2018 ∞
jun 20 2018 +