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hi! i'm calliope! i use they/she/he pronouns depending on how i'm feeling, though you can always use they/them! please read this and dm me the password to follow!

calliope follows:

about me

  • infj / hufflepuff / page of space / virga / neutral good
  • you can call me cal, callie, or any kin names if you'd like (especially if we're canonmates)!
  • i'm an agenderfluid lesbian! (i fluctuate from demigirl/lunarian to agender and back! i use any pronouns when i'm agender but prefer they/she when lunarian!)
  • i'm a wiccan witch specializing in nature magick and white magick!!
  • i have generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar type II, dpd, autism, and dyspraxia!
  • i love making friends but i tend to get distracted and am very awkward/anxious at first, so if i disappear on you or say something weird i'm really sorry!
  • i have a really hard time telling when people are being sarcastic (since i'm autistic) so please be patient with me!
  • my special interests are bob ross, homestuck, the mcelroy brothers, okapis, yu-gi-oh, and my girlfriend!
  • i'm usually very happy and bubbly so feel feee to talk to me and i'll try and answer you as soon as possible!
  • i'm really affectionate (platonically) with friends so please tell me if that makes you uncomfortable!!

triggers (!! means must always be tagged, as it is an extreme trigger for me)

  • self harm !!
  • suicide !!
  • five nights at freddy's (and anything relating to it) !!
  • mutilation/decapitation of stuffed animals !!
  • gore
  • abuse (any forms)
  • nsfw content
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