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hi!! i'm ty!! i'm here to share my memories and hopefully find some canonmates or just some friends!!

tyler follows:

81-100% = i'm amazing! couldn't be better!

61-80% = i'm at one of my best points!

40-60% = i'm doing pretty decent.

20-39% = i'm pretty upset and/or neutral, i should be able to manage but i won't be acting the same.

20% and below = i'm really not doing okay, and it is advised to keep an eye on me to make sure i don't disappear.

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  • you are anti-kin.
  • you are transphobic, homophobic, ableist, racist, etc.
  • you ship anything that involves incest, abuse, pedophilia, etc.
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  • it is always okay to ask for a tag!
  • it is very easy for me to feel invalid, so please warn me if you are shifting into a kin that i am already in.
  • it is always okay to discuss memories with me! just DM me!
  • i loved being tagged! no need to ask! i almost never get uncomfortable, go ahead!
  • ALWAYS use he/him or they/them pronouns w me, even when i'm shifted into rose!

PASSWORD: send me a photo of one of my kins!

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rose lalonde is my absolute main ID! i am practically always in her shift and i feel like i am The Rose Lalonde, if that makes you uncomfortable, please don't follow! i'd hate to make someone uncomfortable and i wasn't aware of it!

main kins

tim wright is sort of self defense, i feel more in control when i'm shifted into him. i'm iffy w doubles but most of the time, it's okay!

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  • you are interested in hearing my memories!
  • you think you might be a possible canonmate!
  • if you want to become mutuals!
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