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my style is "confused and directionless, much like my life"


sail follows:


  • name: sail/shoe
  • age: 21 (96)
  • pronouns: they/them
  • occupation: student
  • ethnicity+nationality: east asian in america
  • language: english, broken and distressed others
  • currently: ~$48 spent on ensta, ~$10 on t7s
  • more information → ongoing
  • bio tl;dr

mobile games:

  • i used to be really excited about rhythm games!
    • but im only good at playing sif!
    • deresute and t7s dance over my grave every night!
    • i hate hold and slider notes
  • rng has me wrapped around its twisted finger
    • i reroll too much for my own good
    • can't stay invested in a game w/o rng elements
jul 23 2016 ∞
feb 27 2017 +