fics marked with ☆ are my personal favorites!

baekhyun wants kyungsoo to be happy - (beautiful i can't even put a genre to it)

thank-you for listening - (angst fluff everything)

in which junmyeon tries too hard to be a good leader - (sad junmyeon cute kyungsoo)

kyungsoo might not be the main character of the story he's in; but he thinks junmyeon just might be - (rainbows of glitter)

  • and i miss you (and love you and crave for you) ☆ (nc-17)

it's a horrible clichè, but absence really can make the heart grow fonder (such a well thought out fic!! v emotional)

part 1 part 2 part 3

sir suho would do anything for prince kyungsoo. anything. - (fluff/angsty?)

prince kyungsoo concludes that the rule is there to be broken.

in which there is a curse, a castle, a stubborn old dragon and a meat cleaver that’s surely going to kill him if he’s not careful. (interesting!!! great read)

holiday fics

lil kyungsoo brings back the christmas to exoplanet - (fluffy but also angsty)


"they're beautiful." "not as beautiful as you." - (very very nice romance)


every time the bell rings, an angel gets its wings - (comedy fluff)

in which santa myeon pays a visit to the childrens' home with kyungsoo - (pure fluff that will reduce you to a squealing mess)

he's doing this for kyungsoo. - (comedy (i think, i mean i found it funny) and cute)

tumblr drabbles

!!!!! yes this is a very nice drabble blog!!!!

also a very good drabble blog omfg!!

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