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this account is just to list my interests, hobbies, favourite things & rubbish i love, all as a personal record because i'm a dumbass who loves making lists i know no one cares;;

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  • pandora hearts, over the garden wall, bakugan new vestroia (i love the vexos with all my heart), invader zim, ghibli (+ maaany other japanese animated films), disney (including star wars & marvel), house md, we bare bears, DC (especially teen titans & the batfam), laika (i'm a big fan of stop motion), foster's home for imaginary friends, percy jackson & the olympians (rick riordan in general!), dreamworks, & warriors (yea the cats); i also love retro-ish cartoons (80's, 90's & early 00's, + modern) notably from nickelodeon & cartoon network; + i like tim burton, harry potter, lord of the rings; & lots of live action films & series...
    • i rlly like anime & manga (aside from pandora hearts & bakugan) such as monster, berserk, devilman, mononoke, deadman wonderland, evangelion, vanitas no carte, my hero academia, nabari no ou, code geass, digimon, pokémon, fma brotherhood, hunter x hunter, wolf's rain, mushishi, ginga (silver fang), kimba & looots more...
    • some of my fav books (aside from rick riordan's) are le petit prince, white fang, a series of unfortunate events, wings of fire, the named, lord of the flies, artemis fowl, fablehaven, foxcraft...
    • i like musicals (plays & films) i love sweeney todd, les misérables, dr. horrible, hamilton, wicked...
    • i like welcome to night vale & homestuck too lol

mmm idk what else lol i like many other books, films & series !!

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