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this account is just to list my interests, hobbies, favourite things & rubbish i love, all as a personal record because i'm a dumbass who loves making lists i know no one cares;;

instagram ➜ @_slythegrin

personal twitter ➜ @onigrini

art twitter ➜ @slythegrin

robin (grin) follows:
  • the circus (god i love the circus!!)
  • paranormal stuff:
    • vampires (i adooore them + i have a fascination with blood don't judge), ufos (me: *sees a star* an alien!!), cryptids (mothman & nessie are cute)
  • the sea:
    • pirates (wish i was one), lighthouses, sailing ships
  • urban stuff:
    • big cities, chinatowns
  • the country:
    • the wild west, farms (barns are pretty)
  • nature:
    • space, animals, autumn, winter, rain
  • mythology (all mythologies!!)
  • astrology (i read everyone's birth charts)
  • vintage:
    • the 50's (+ other past decades, pixel & retro stuff), medieval & victorian times (especially royal themes), trains & hot air balloons
  • world cultures:
    • día de los muertos (i'm mexican but i love it), christmas, halloween, st. patrick's day, all countries (they're all cool)
  • baseball, basketball & swimming
  • mystery & fiction
  • steampunk
  • science
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