These are things I keep in mind for every fic I write, not just one. Mainly shiratorizawa things

bird AU:

  • suga - japanese long tailed tit
  • kageyama - black cheeked lovebird
  • daichi - japanese robin
  • nishinoya - gold crowned kinglet
  • tsukishima - yellow pearl pied cockatiel
  • matsukawa - green cheeked conure
  • oikawa - rosy faced lovebird
  • iwaizumi - penguin
  • koganegawa - jenday conure
  • futakuchi - sun conure
  • aone - umbrella cockatoo
  • daishou - red fronted conure
  • shirabu - blue parrotlet, or a rough legged hawk
  • ushijima - pineapple/cinnamon green cheeked conure, or a white tailed eagle
  • goshiki - blue parakeet
  • tendou - galah/rose breasted cockatoo

everything else:

  • shiratorizawa has dorms (since students probably come from farther away to attend the school, a dorm building is convenient; they return to their real home on the weekends)
  • ushijima has great memory to detail, but poor navigational skill/memory (navigational skill partly inspired by a scene from let's haikyuu, and the detailed memory part kind of made canon in chapter 190)
  • ushijima gets cold easily. shirabu gets warm easily and hates the heat.
  • shirabu is the best cook out of shiratorizawa
  • shirabu is a secret lover of fantasy. his childhood affinity for myths and legends of things like dragons stoked his admiration for strength
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