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''im running out of ways to poetically admit that i hate myself for loving you''- flatsound

alex follows:


✩you fall under the general DFI category (homophobic, racist, etc.)

✩you self-diagnose SERIOUS mental illnesses such as schizo, dissociative identity disorder, etc.

✩you post EXTREME sexual art/videos, i don't like seeing that on my feed. (suggestive is okay)

✩ you are a fujoshi/ call gay ships ''yaoi/yuri'' unironically

✩fetish gays/lesbians/ trans ppl

✩ you're hate following

✩are in the ddlg/cgl community

✩treat real people/celebrities as if they were fictional

✩you are or have pedo/incest/abusive ships or condune the consumption of rape/abuse/fetishes

✩you are extremely religous and hate the lgbtq+ community because of your belief

feb 2 2017 ∞
may 23 2018 +