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november 16, 1998natal chart

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  • my own bedroom
  • drawing tablet ✔
  • easel stand
  • bookbinding workbench
  • spirit listography: my inner self in lists
  • luna lakota's dream diary
  • tarot deck
  • glow in the dark bookmark
  • laptop
  • phone ✔
  • ear piercings
  • infinity ring band
  • lilac dr martens pascal boots
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9 months in the year 2007 narrowed down into fragments

  • the smell of barely concealed belgian waffles on the train.
  • wearing the colors of the day. (on mondays we wore yellow to honor the king.)
  • fresh coconut juice sold by a vendor outside our apartment complex.
  • memorizing thai numbers (neung, song, sarm, si, ha, hok...)
  • early morning visits to king's garden
  • tasting scrambled ostrich egg for the first time at a floating restaurant
  • the random woman who, out of nowhere, wrapped me in a tight hug. i kissed her cheek before she let me go.
  • my hands gripping someone's jacket as the motorcycle sped on the slick black road (i don't remember who i was holding on to but i remember feeling free.)
  • the malaysian flight attendent handing me...
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