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she's the sun; irradiating light and positivity into your life, not letting you fall into darkness. she's strong and brave; she keeps going, even when life gets rough. she's strong, but also delicate — like a flower, she needs love, care and kindness. she gives, and gives, and gives, not expecting anything back. but she- she deserves every good thing in the universe. she's a sunflower.

    • cami; 001120 // scorpio // enfp // hufflepuff
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      • ― 김태형; 951230 // capricorn

he has the sun in his mouth. his lips are cloud-shaped and hide the shine contained inside his teeth, made of rays of sunlight. in every single smile he gives, his cheeks rise like the fog following the sun in the morning and the sun starts leaking from the corners of his lips, ray by ray; don’t look directly at it or you’ll get blinded. it’s too powerful. too bright. one smile, and he can fill the world with energy again; he gives the vitamins we need to stay alive, he keeps the flowers blooming and he melts the snow and the ice in every human’s heart. he just gives all of this by opening his mouth. just by showing us his glowing teeth. maybe it’s not exactly in his mouth; maybe he has the sun in his soul. i’ve neve...

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  • 김태형; 방탄소년단


  • 박지효; 트와이스
  • 유기현; 몬스타엑스


    • 방탄소년단
  • 김석진
  • 민윤기
  • 정호석
  • 김남준
  • 박지민
  • 전정국


  • 김용선; 마마무
  • 이지훈; 세븐틴
  • 최효정; 오마이걸
sep 6 2016 ∞
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