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let's keep it simple

  • take care of myself and love myself
  • make memories
  • treat everyone like a tiny little universe
  • grow myself and acquire all the knowledge i can
apr 30 2017 ∞
apr 30 2017 +
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preciso tomar um gole, um copo, ou um galão de rumo na vida

  • aprender algo todo dia
    • estudar pro vestiba todo dia
    • focar no japonês (segunda e/ou quarta ft. horários vagos)
    • pesquisar algo da listinha
    • estudo c/ JW (toda terça)
  • sair dos 100kg
    • comer besteira só na sexta
    • fazer algum exercício pelo menos 2x na semana
  • tentar manter as coisas arrumadas
    • inclui myanimelist
    • arrumar o fucking armário
  • ver se vou procurar um emprego ainda
    • não vamos mais procurar emprego, fera
feb 8 2017 ∞
may 30 2017 +
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  • my name is jéssica, ~la li hooo
  • she/her pronouns
  • april 12th, 1998 (19 yo)
  • curitiba, pr, brazil

now a brief list about me:

  • will eat all the food you leave unattended
  • likes writting fluffy stuff to appease the world's pain
  • both a cat and a dog person (most animals person to be honest)
  • supernova (ir)regular custumer (does diego even miss me?)
  • this gay is consuming me and filling my life with anime penis and this isn't what my mother wanted for me
  • bad jokes or no jokes at all
  • if i ever leave home i'll be probably petting some stray cat or doggo on the street
feb 2 2017 ∞
may 30 2017 +
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  • born in salt water
  • never enough for an overdose
  • soaked in music
  • alone in the auditory, with her bones and no flesh
  • se você respirar com calma
  • ela tem pedigree
  • o planeta repeliu ele.
  • caminhe pelas estrelas até encontrar uma que te queira
  • vou afogar minhas mágoas em pepsi twist
  • i hope you don't mind waiting outside
  • gostava de medir entre o polegar e o indicador o tamanho que as coisas tinham quando estavam longe.
  • tongue piercing – the murderer
  • i didn't really love you, baby, but i'm pretty when i lie
  • cigarettes and chocolate milk
  • i've never seen so many holes in an ass
  • this time between christmas and new years...
sep 5 2015 ∞
apr 4 2017 +
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  • permanent reminder to water the fucking plants
  • finish reading twilight
may 15 2017 ∞
jun 4 2017 +
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  • today's tasks
    • hist a (iii & iv)
    • mat b (ii-iv)
    • bio a (iii & iv)

pending tasks

  • pra acabar a apostila 1
    • bio a (iii & iv)
    • bio b (iv) (hard one)
    • fís a (iii & iv)
    • fís b (i-iv)
    • fís c (iv + iii ex. 4)
    • geo a (iv)
    • hist a (iii & iv)
    • hist b (ii-iv)
    • hist c (i-iv)
    • mat a (iv)
    • mat b (ii-iv)
    • mat c (iii & iv)
apr 18 2017 ∞
may 31 2017 +
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the process

  • i take my textbooks and highlight in one color the most relevant parts
  • so i take a pen and cross off the highlighted parts the unecessary stuff
  • i add notes on the margins of the textbook from my notes took in class and from other sources
  • i rewrite all the information on a notebook, not worrying about making it tidy or pretty, just condensed information
  • revise it again, to see if there's anything wrong or missing
  • then copy it to a blank paper with a black pen and color-code it with highlighters
    • color-code system
      • blue: title
      • green: person
apr 24 2017 ∞
apr 24 2017 +