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  • my name is jéssica, ~la li hooo
  • any pronoum you want. i don't really care.
  • april 12th, 1998 (19 yo)
  • curitiba, pr, brazil

now a brief list about me:

  • will eat all the food you leave unattended
  • likes writting fluffy stuff to appease the world's pain
  • both a cat and a dog person (most animals person to be honest)
  • supernova (ir)regular custumer (does diego even miss me?)
  • this gay is consuming me and filling my life with anime penis and this isn't what my mother wanted for me
  • bad jokes or no jokes at all
  • if i ever leave home i'll be probably petting some stray cat or doggo on the stree...
feb 2 2017 ∞
oct 14 2017 +