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Hey!! I'm Tasuku (or any of my other kin names) and yeah, this is a thing. I'm kind of boring honestly! All I really do is play video games, collect cards, and cry a lot.

I like taking care of plants and I have two cats and a dog. Love nature a bunch! I mostly just enjoy gossiping about the games I play, but if you want a random outburst about facts involving animals I'm down at any time for that.

Oh, I'm pretty ambiguous about this usually, but I use they/them. I guess he/him is alright too.

Also, you don't have to read all of the rest of the crap in my listography unless you really want to-it's all supplementary info, except maybe the observations one. That one's a bit important.

Right!! I'll stick this down here. I'm the owner of the semi-official wiki-affiliated 400+ user Cookie Run discord server. ...

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Abuse jokes sit very, very badly with me. Maybe that's not something totally common to joke about to begin with, but yeah, figured I'd say that.

Also, please don't talk to me about vore. I don't care if you like it but I have some bad memories attached to the entire concept and would like to avoid it.

I don't really need anything tagged, though. If I see something I don't like I'll just ignore it.

The only thing I absolutely reject any interaction at all from (besides the obvious like pedos and terfs and shit lol) is shipping real life people. If you do that then kindly back off from my twitter, please.

Also, if you talk frequently with @Don_Chan_Sawagi (Red & Green), I highly recommend you don't come anywhere near me. Feel free to ask why in DMs.

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  • A3!
  • Cardfight Vanguard
  • Cluefinders
  • Cookie Run
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Devilman
  • Ensemble Stars
  • Epic Battle Fantasy
  • Fire Emblem
  • Future Card Buddyfight
  • Houseki no Kuni
  • I-chu/Aichuu
  • Inazuma Eleven
  • Lobotomy Corporation
  • Mandrake Boys
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Tales of...
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!

italics = long time interest

bold = main interest

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Here are all the mobile games I play! Feel free to ask for game IDs for any of them.

  • A3!: Rank 44
  • Cocktail Prince: Rank 20
  • Cookie Run Ovenbreak: Lv. 56
  • Crash Fever: Rank 48
  • Ensemble Stars: Rank 63
  • Fate/Grand Order: Lv. 10
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: Laslow/YG Roy/Shiro/BM Ike
  • I-chu/Aichuu: Rank 226
  • Mandrake Boys: 264/524
  • Merc Storia: Lv. 15
  • Tales of the Rays: I got Mikleo
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Before I list this I just want to state that I really don't talk about these anywhere aside from personal chats, so if you're worried about me being weird with this or something, I won't be. These are kind of just. Here.

  • Tasuku Ryuuenji (Future Card Buddyfight)
  • Sparkling Cookie (Cookie Run)
  • Wataru Hibiki (Ensemble Stars)
  • Kokichi Ouma (New Dangan Ronpa V3)
  • Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria)
  • Yuki Rurikawa (A3!)
  • Fire Spirit Cookie (Cookie Run)
  • Padparadscha (Houseki no Kuni)
  • Chesed (Lobotomy Corporation)
  • Happy Teddy (Lobotomy Corporation)
  • Netzach (Lobotomy Corporation)
  • Tails (Mandrake Boys)

There's more, but these are all the ones I'm particularly comfortable listing right now. Doubles are cool but if you could ...

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yeah these are probably super obvious but here goes, these are the characters I use for personal comfort for various reasons:

  • Roll Cake Cookie (Cookie Run)
  • Natsume Sakasaki (Ensemble Stars)
  • Akio Tobikura (I-chu/Aichuu)
  • Momo (Idolish7)
  • Yesod (Lobotomy Corporation)
  • Kiibo/K1-B0 (New Dangan Ronpa V3)
  • Sorey (Tales of Zestiria)

same goes for ships:

  • Padparadscha/Rutile (Houseki no Kuni)
  • Li/Akio (I-chu/Aichuu)
  • Ryou/Akira (Devilman)
  • Yuki/Momo (Idolish7)
  • Ouma/Kiibo (New Dangan Ronpa V3)
  • Saihara/Kiibo (New Dangan Ronpa V3)
  • Mikleo/Sorey (Tales of Zestiria)
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