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multiple system comprised of several nonhumans (and tomcat) who are just doing their best in a weird, weird world

main tab is for general/system info and ongoing is for misc stuff

Rainbow System follows:
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  • full name Turing "Knife Emoji" Webber; publicly goes by the name Niko, and also goes by the names Maru, Tesla, Tempura/Temper, Koma, Jiban, or any other kin names
  • they/them/theirs or bot/bot/bots pronouns (guide); largely pronoun apathetic
  • nonbinary
  • gay ace
  • autistic, with ADHD, PTSD, and several personality disorders
  • partnered with Kitty
  • young-adultish (but also sorta ageless? it's complicated)
  • system member #3 (since July 23rd, 2015)
  • birthday on June 23rd

"People might look at you a bit funny, but it's okay. Artists are allowed to be a bit different." -Bob Ross

i'm turing! i have a very unstable sense of identity, so i find describing myself difficult. also i might be the new core of our system? i'm not sure. i try to be friendly! i love talking to people

Core Identity: Turing Webber (from 2064: Read Only Memories)


  • Stanford Pines (from Gravity Falls)
  • the Shinx evolutionary line (from Pokemon)
  • Lion (from Steven Universe)
  • a blue mackerel tabby with white American Wirehair cat
  • Mark Watney (from The Martian)
  • Rotom Pokedex/Rotomdex (from Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  • Turing's original robosona, who's a discarded robot given new life and sapience accidentally by an electric spirit
  • Crow (from 2064: Read Only Memories)
  • Shard the Metal Sonic (from the Pre-reboot Archie Sonic comics)
  • JUICE (from 17776: What football will look like in the future)


  • any kind of maned lion
  • a purple, ponytailed inkling (from Splatoon)
  • Komasan (from Yo-Kai Watch the Anime)
  • Jibanyan (from Yo-Kai Watch the Anime)
  • Jibakoma (from Yo-Kai Watch the Anime)
  • Grapenyan (from Yo-Kai Watch the Anime)
  • the gardener robot (from Laputa: The Castle in the Sky)
  • the Vampire Job owner of Manor Macabre (from Miitopia)
  • a staticky mist-cloud monster that lives in electronics and has big, sharp teeth
  • an old-timey black cat toon with inwardly curling ears resembling horns
  • one of the ghosts that formed Legion (from The Adventure Zone: Balance Arc)


  • the color purple (especially darker shades)
  • Studiopolis Zone (from Sonic Mania)
  • Caravan Palace's 2015 album "< I°_°I >" (pronounced "Robot Face")

Associated Kintypes:

  • a very very minor electricity/machinery deity (from Read Only Memories)
  • Electric-Type Pokemon
  • technology (especially stuff that's been stylistically streamlined or has glowing elements)
  • Rotom (from Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  • human disguise Komasan (from Yo-Kai Watch the Anime)
  • Rudy (from Yo-Kai Watch the Anime)
  • prankster spirits
  • probably noncanonical Pink Pearl (from Steven Universe)
  • Metal/Mecha Sonic (from the Pre-reboot Archie Sonic comics)
  • space


  • birds (especially parrots and corvids)
  • arcade cabinets
  • Manectric (from Pokemon)
  • Staraptor (from Pokemon)
  • Mothership (from clipping.'s album Splendor & Misery)
  • Hodge Podge (from The Adventure Zone: Balance Arc)
  • Chibi-Robo (from Chibi-Robo)

Theme Songs:

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mar 13 2018 +