fernanda, august 1st, intj, leo. i love the winter, bitter coffee, blankets, rain, music, reading, the smell of books, holding hands, whispers, purple + yellow, the universe, my friends and family, laughs and dawn. i dislike anxiety, rude people, ignorance, summer, prejudice, loud music and crowds.

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the moon was so beautilful that the ocean held up a mirror.

    • 段宜恩, virgo.

falling for you wasn't suddenly. i watched it coming when i saw your smile and felt mine, when i found my universe in your eyes, when i looked at you more than i looked at the moon. i knew you were my soulmate when you completed my empty parts. i knew you were my moon when i searched for you instead of the sky.

everything you do inspire the best in me and i wish you could see it, could see how good you made my life, how you changed my path. you are the light that guides me home; you are my home, and i'm yours, too, because you can come to me for everything, always.

my favorite moments are when my soul, in a quiet tone, asks for you to stay, and y...

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