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i will tweet about (in no particular order):

  • enstars → toriP. i would go to hell and back for him if it ensured his happiness. Followed by tori is class 1B then the rest of the 1st years...i love all of my tiny sons. Also, i feel like i should mention that my main is cn? And I'm not f2p there, so if anyone needs help with buying dias and uses qq for their account then feel free to ask me :3
  • deresute → die hard passionP pretending not to be. godtier girls are nao and mirei, followed by sanae, natsuki, takumi, mio and shizuku
  • owari no seraph → YOICHI + MIKA AND BOTH OF THEIR CHARA DEVELOPMENTS!!!!!!!!!! IM STILL CRYING OVER CHAP 48 + 52 TBH LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + lots of mikayuu !!
  • bghs → give me all of sadone's 4* cards Please and thank you
  • llsif → best sif girls are eli and nico, best llss girls are ruby and dia!!
  • side m → i just started playing recently but 100% ShomaP. Sai or die, my dudes
  • kyou kara maou → can you fucking believe yuuri and wolfram are canonly together and in love with their adopted child ruling over shin makoku. Can you believe
  • haikyuu!! → talk to me about sugawara koushi and all the rarepairs
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