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I love my space son, Keith.

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  • You have sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-[insert religion here] and all other such mindsets.
  • You support the moldy radioactive orange of America.
  • Lolicon or shotacon is a thing you're okay with. Pedophilia is always bad, my dudes. Even if it's fictional, it still retains its Yikes™ factor.
  • You're an avid supporter of BLmatsu. Hey that makes me uncomfortable.
  • You think female characters are bad because they get in the way of your gay ship.
  • You're younger than 18.

Other Important Notes

↘️ I only follow back if we've chatted a few times or we're mutuals somewhere else. Or if I think the content you post is neat.

↘️ You're under no obligation to foll...

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