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butterfaced swans choking up in corners. if you murder your whole family and call now we'll throw in a free peach snapple bottle!

LungConsume follows:

im eatin a canoli today and its great and im gonna kill my son

  • hey hello whats up im kai u can also call me spencer or CoolGuy98
  • he/him nb boy
  • 15 (may 27th)
  • gay, aceflux, polyamorous n taken (5/29/17)!!!!!!!!!
  • @robotgores nour is my datefriend and fp!! ✨ they torture me over facetime and we're most likely going to meet irl in july i am so in luv w them
  • please tag pregnancy/babies and balloons popping
  • i draw sometimes and im invested in my ocs u can ask abt commissions ig
  • mentally ill (severe bpd, depression, and More) and autistic CHA-CHING$$$
  • check ongoing for more info

tahts all im not a good person but i like puppies a lot

apr 28 2017 ∞
jun 11 2017 +

if it has a $ next to it thats a special interest lads

  • splatoon $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • anime cons $
  • the adventure zone even tho ive only listened to Not a lot of it $?
  • ytpmvs $
  • scaretheater $
  • petscop $
  • sparklecare hospital
  • cookie run
  • sanrio
  • the whole 2009 internet aesthetic u know what i mean????
  • pokemon
  • monster factory
  • cool music
  • mindless self indulgence
  • yume nikki
  • art
may 12 2017 ∞
jun 22 2017 +

dont follow me unless i followed first, i have extremely bad paranoia and a lot of people dont like me

  • dont follow if u think theres 2 genders or u use triggered jokes (i will get homicidal if u say these eeeee)
  • dont follow if u support drumpf or if ur transphobic/a nazi/racist/homophobic/a radfem
  • you use autism as an insult
  • dont follow if u think people cant change or whatever
  • i dont really tag things so take that into consideration like i am Trying but !!!!!! i cant remember to most of the time
  • there are certain people im terrified of and im not comfortable putting them on my byf so if you follow them ill most likely hardblock im sorry!!
  • i dont tag pda and i talk abt my datefriend a lot!! x_x jsyk
apr 28 2017 ∞
jun 13 2017 +

this isnt my full id list because i hoard ids for a sense of identity and im an embarrassing kinnie in general hghjkfjd

  • dont follow if youre vocal/glenna (splatoon ABXY)
  • im also beleth from floraverse irl!!
  • i dont like doubles of these and if i see them ill block im sorry!!

i dont give a shit abt the list below as long as ur ok w doubles

  • dr doom (sparklecare hospital)
  • U*SA*HA*NA (sanrio)
  • bob (animal crossing)
  • moonlight cookie (cookie run)
  • devil cookie (cookie run)
  • light green inkling (splatoon)
  • paintra (kirby triple deluxe)
  • doopliss (pm:ttyd)
apr 28 2017 ∞
jun 22 2017 +

aw FUCK im gay!!!!! current major ccs:

  • taako (the adventure zone) FUKC IM, LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!FUCK
  • key (splatoon abxy) HIM GOOD GFUCKING HI!!M
  • cinnamon cookie (cookie run) Fuuuunk theyre So Hot
  • actually i swear if henry from communications is my new cc u all have permission to kick myass
  • magnemite (pokemon)

Big Chungy i luv these charas so FUCKENING much i post abt them a lot

apr 28 2017 ∞
jun 18 2017 +