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  • inventive: the personality is set inside a field of endless possibility. you see the world differently.
    • + utilitarian, a keen sense of the universal, friendliness, innovative, original thinker, unconventional, brilliance.
    • – resistant to any conformity, detached, stubborn, unpredictable
  • generosity: an infectious love of life propels this personality forward. exuberant and showy, you are most happy in the limelight. being in the driver’s seat is where you will continually place yourself. being driven or told what to do offend your dignity. you are naturally proud, trusting and loyal. a warm and affectionate nature needs warmth and appreciation in return. extraverted, self centered and people oriented, the world is your stage. your manner is fiery, impulsive and stubborn. here is a fine, radiant, creative spirit. expansive and expressive, your fine spirit and contagious good heartedness is winning although the tendency to get too attached is evident along with the need to reach past the self.
    • + cheerful optimism, honesty, self expressive, energetic, entertaining, good natured, courageous.
    • – selfish, proud, overbearing, pompous, superficial, conceited, boisterous, strong need for recognition.
  • warm heart: emotionally strong and confident, full of spirit. yellow enlivens the personality and extends a feeling of cheerful optimism.
    • + loving, expressive, inspiring, enthusiastic, romantic, assertive, creative, generous.
    • – childlike, proud, self indulgent, showy.

people with the same colorscope: martin sheen, american actor; heinrich schlusnus, german operatic baritone.

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