• personal/fandom acc which means i heavily shitpost & rt
  • im an airhead mostly and im dumb and lack sleep so when i mess up pls scold me lmao ボヤボヤです (・・;
  • multifandom af but mostly post abt 日本 sht
  • seiyuu fan since june 2016
  • oldcodex fan here uwuu (astig nila sobra) (dm me if u want their songs lmao)
  • im also into kuroko no basuke stage actors
  • im not a kpop hoe but i stan dreamcatcher and a overly familiar w/seventeen members aha
  • trying to live rn but school is killing me
  • motto: kinakaya at kakayanin
  • 日本語を勉強しています!


aug 1 2017 ∞
oct 15 2017 +