• valeria , she/her , 22y, ♡
  • personality : INFJ
  • aura color : sensitive tan, lavender
  • baja, mexico.
  • spanish | english
  • graduated in tourism business administration .
  • slytherin
  • tea barista

feminism, history, witchcraft, books, 80s, horror movies, marilyn manson, fashion, goth music, nana, cats, coffee, criminal psychology, asian cuisine, tarot, poetry, languages, music with nostalgic feels, art, vampires, traveling, moon, autumn, halloween, mountains, languages

nov 14 2018 ∞
jan 4 2019 +

being alone makes me feel more comfortable and i never get upset over little problems.

stop staring at me if you found me hiding. i don't enjoy people looking at me.

even though i disappear from this room no one will know that i have existed.

    • panda bear; 20

i was always awkward with the love my mom always showed. maybe that’s why, things are always so hard.

because i don't want to be set on fire and burn quickly i'm cheering for love.

    • tomboy; 23

actions speak louder that words, you know. there's a lot of pins and you're one of them.

dec 9 2018 ∞
jan 3 2019 +