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Well Guys Im Funby Monkey. Also The US Goverment Wants Me Dead

rudy follows:

i know its a lot gdchjgd

the top tier most important, not in any specific order:

  • sans (undertale, yeah yeah i know)
  • link (legend of zelda)
  • tetsuya / wydeawake (yokai watch)

other major ones, not in any specific order:

  • plague knight (shovel knight)
  • quote (cave story)
  • shadow link (legend of zelda: four swords manga)
  • ninten (mother series)
  • guzma (pokemon)
  • agent 4 (splatoon)
  • melting (nuclear throne)
  • galacta knight (shovel knight)

pretty minor, idc about doubles:

  • joris (wakfu / related series)
  • rammy (um jammer lammy)
  • shutendoji (yokai watch)


  • alolan marowak
  • mega charizard x
  • xurkitree
  • decidueye


  • kangaroos


  • YES I KNOW the vast majority of these are Embarassing but honestly i really don't care i have better things to worry about
  • i can't & wont stop you from following doubles but if you are one id rather you didnt follow me. its nothing personal & you're cool and all im just insecure bdjhfvghagv
  • if you're just here to make fun of me, i really don't have the time or patience for you. go bother someone else
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