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  • tweets & retweets are mostly EXO + RV related and about my life + I only follow back accounts which pretty much only tweet / retweet about EXO and/or RV, sorry :-(
  • i am openly negative about BTS and the fandom. Please don't follow if that bothers you.
  • i'm shy at initiating convos most of the time so drop me an @ or DM any time
  • muting is fine but i'm not used to this whole "softblocking" culture asdljnsadgas pls just unfollow if you don't like me and i'll unfollow back, i regularly check if my mutuals are intact so yeah
  • i'm very sorry if you decide to do so and i apologize for anything i've done to offend you. ;___;
  • that said, i practice what i preach, so i unfollow instead of softblock if your preferences are unspecified. i'll only block immediately if you've royally pissed me off
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