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  • tweets & rts are mostly about EXO + RV and about my life
  • I only follow back accounts which pretty much center around EXO, RV and/or Super Junior/Yesung
  • i don't follow back minors aka 16 years and younger
  • i swear a lot...practically all of my tweets will have the word "fuck" in it lmao so if that unsettles you don't follow.
  • i am openly negative about BTS and the fandom. Please don't follow if that bothers you. if you tweet about BTS and we are somehow mutuals, chances are I have you muted.
  • i'm shy at initiating convos most of the time so drop me an @ or DM any time. please don't be pushy when trying to talk to me though, friendships can't be forced and i'm honestly not the sort to open up to just anyone.
  • i don't like it when people softblock me, it kind of feels like a stab in the back. just unfollow if you don't like me and i'll do the same.
dec 17 2016 ∞
jun 17 2018 +