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she's sitting there like the lesbian godfather, a cigarette in one hand a tiddy in the other

tone follows:
  • bleach: soi fon/yoruichi, ichigo/chad/orihime, ikakku/yumichika, shunsui/jushiro
  • overwatch: ana/gabriel, satya/fareeha, jesse/hanzo
  • x-men: irene/raven, kurt/logan/ororo
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i'm tone!

  • 21-02-2000
  • lesbian
  • nonbinary (she/they)
  • white norwegian
  • chronically bad at video games

feel free to use my drawings as your icon/header but please credit me in your bio/description!

i'm totally fine with adults following me but please don't interact NSFW with me

if you're a mutual and you're going to unfollow please softblock me!


main interests:

  • bleach
  • overwatch
  • the x-men
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  • bleach: soi fon, yoruichi, orihime, chad, ichigo, yumichika, rangiku, unohana, giselle
  • overwatch: fareeha, ana, gabriel, satya, hanzo, jesse
  • x-men: raven, irene, rogue, kurt, roxanne, illyana, kitty
  • revolutionary girl utena: juri, shiori, anthy
  • claymore: irene, cassandra, jean, clarice
  • saga: gwendolyn, petrichor, izabel, sophie
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