• dni

-13 25+ , basic dni criteria , support mmm , amber liu , omg , woojin , dreamcatcher , pro cringe culture , radfems terfs swerfs , ot23 nctzen , non-black nctzen , dislike ☭ , use achillean / toothpaste flag , think poc solidarity exists , speak over black ppl when ur not black in any way , say shit like " have the same energy for this as you did with blm " or bring up blm every time u talk abt ur nb communities issues WDGAF!! , argue with jewish ppl over antisemitic tropes (D WORD!!) , think sdx is harmful , say shit like idol lightskin/darkskin/black ESPECIALLY IF UR NOT BLACK UR R WEIRDD , think white lgbt are as oppressed as poc (lgbt or not) , think wlw can oppress cis mlm , FIND GRIFFIN (CHILDES VA) FUNNY / SUPPORT HIM , defend mpreg (not only r u weird but also transphobic 11 25 19) , nsfwtwt / shtwt / edtwt (semi-nsfw is fine ig) , WHITE BRIT/FRENCH , non-black

  • *some of these dnt apply if i fllw first!!**
  • byf

i reclaim my slurs , i use tone tags n x2 spaces sumtimes , i call my favs lgbt , i anti nct , im a winwin + jungwoo + doyoung solo , im ancom , i send dts or mean shit provoked, i am very defensive of black ppl and black culture ( though i do acknowledge i do have more privilege to an extent because i am still half white) , im learning communism and any help would be appreciated esp because im disabled , call me out if i do sum insensitive but if you tone police me or get mad at me for being angry rightfully especially if its related to black issues .. diff story , i joke abt antiblack and islamophobic shit idols have done , if ur not part of either communities dont laugh at it with me lol! , i tend to be an asshole to shitty ppl but i promise ion bite lmao

mar 6 2021 ∞
mar 12 2021 +