• Elevensies - morning coffee hour in england
  • royale tea - social tea served with champagne at beginning
  • tea - decreases inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity, promotes mouth health, protects against neurodegenerative diseases
  • coffee - contains K, Mg, Mn, niacin. lowers risk of type2 diabetes, protects liver.
  • Situated in a small oasis of palm trees, bougainvillaea, henna and other native plant species
  • GROCERY list - acai juice, chocolate banana protein smoothie, mushroom and mascarpone soup, mango and passionfruit smoothie, mango and peach juice, valencia orange juice,
  • olive oil museum - monster grape presses, olive-wood cutting boards to olive-based cosmetics.
  • perfumes
  • this note gains in salt and crunch as time wears on, but while it is redolent of the sea, it less the sweet, melony undertone
  • taiwanese sausage bread, macadamia nut and berry bread, paired with seaweed and saltedn butters. maine lobster with dill, taro and shallot. a chewy egg crepe with a lovely smokey aroma. lightly smooth and fragrant soya bean milk.
  • wake up to dapple sunlight creeping through the thatched hills.
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