• im an american in the bay area
  • i spell colour with a 'u' despite having been raised to spell it without one
  • i hate hot weather
  • i hoard little things irl, like keychains and buttons
  • i rarely close tabs, so i always have 40+ open at once
  • i change my cs theme way too often bc im indecisive
  • tiny little things make me ECSTATIC, like someone complimenting my outfit or giving me hug or smth :))
  • i have a really good memory about completely irrelevant things
  • i am disgustingly good at killing bugs by clapping them with my hands
  • i keep a diary, luckily it is undiscovered by anyone
  • im 5'9 and average weight
  • i want to get a nose piercing, along with upper-ear piercings but im a pussy
  • i have a crush atm and she likes me too but neither of us want a relationship since we will have to split up at the end of the year anyways so we are just in this loosey goosey stand still in the friend zone!
jul 24 2019 ∞
mar 6 2020 +