• i have an excoriation disorder which basically means i pick my scabs obsessively until they either scar or get infected, so my arms are covered in tiny scars from that
  • ive had depressive episodes before, but i dont think of myself as depressed
  • i have a height inferiority complex, so i want to say i spend 30% of the time when im just walking around thinking about my height compared to others, even though im decently tall, i have an obsession about getting to the 6' mark
  • im antisocial, not because i dont like being with friends, but bc almost every time i go out i get a stomach ache (from nerves??? idk) and id rather do something else
  • im apathetic a bunch, n have a really hard time connecting with people, along with empathizing over problems ive never experienced myself
  • i also have aquaphobia or whatever the fear of bodies of water is called, so im absolutely terrified of swimming, and just dont really like water as a whole (other than drinking it cuz that shit hits the spot)
  • despite constantly being told im skinny i feel like im gaining weight so i dont eat as much as i should
  • i have anxiety induced migraines that get worse when i dont sleep, dont eat, or dont drink
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