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If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.

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  • Most of the time was during classes, when we ended up having to be seat partners back in elementary and in high school (in some cases, we were assigned to be seat partners for the whole year).
  • I have met my best friend at school when I always visit my brother's classroom to check on him back in kindergarten (she was in the same class as my brother, but she's the same age as me, while my younger brother being a year younger than both of us), we ended up being very good friends, until she had to move by the time grade 3 was over.
  • Some other times, my seat friends ended up introducing me to their friends, and we became friends too. It's like there is some sort of complicated chain reaction going on. Sooner or later, their friend's friends will end up being my friends as well!
  • I have actually befriended people who have the same or similar music taste as I do. The reason why my closest friends are my closest best friends is that we share the same or similar music taste and we have something that is really significant to me to relate to.
  • I have befriended my best guy friend in the cafeteria during my first year of high school (he also had English and Math with me during the first semester). He sat beside me in the cafeteria table while I was all alone, and we didn't talk until later in the lunch break, and then we immediately became friends. We have been good friends for five years now, and he still annoys me sometimes, even to this day.
    • In grade 11, my best guy friend and I met a girl who came from a different school and we befriended her, and we shared a lot of inside jokes together (he, she and I were in the same S.A.P and French classes together, while she and I had Physics together, and yes, we suffered through a lot in that class).
        • While I was working on a story (at the time I was working on the prologue of the story), she thought I wrote "privilege" instead of "prologue"
        • We also had another friend sit with us as well during English the next semester and therefore, we became friends as well. I was the youngest in the group (as my best guy friend had realized, since the two girls were both born in February, he was born in March, I was born in June).
  • I have met some of my piano school friends through waiting for other people's lessons to be over, and also at recitals and competitions that I played at. We have bonded through these great moments, talking about our favourite part of playing the piano, and also our funny moments with our teachers. I also had to comfort a friend during the recital because he had such low self-esteem when he plays and he was like a few grades below me when playing the piano.
  • My best friend and I had been best friends ever since we were toddlers (and she was two years younger than I am), because my parents were friends with her parents. We have a lot of things in common, even though we have different interests and also different personalities (as the saying goes, opposites attract). We are practically sisters from different parents!
  • We have met other church friends, either one, they stood up for me against the bullies, two, the bullies ended up befriending me a few years later (mostly it's because they have matured as human beings, and knew better that bullying is never nice, in any surrounding) and three, we have friends who are or around the same age as me, that became part of the group (a friend of mine, decided to call me and my two best friends at church "The Mean Girls", even though the youngest in our group has yet to get any of the Mean Girls references).
  • I have befriended Internet friends and we share some common interests.
  • I have befriended other people through VBS (Vacation Bible School), even though they are probably a lot younger than me by like three or four years.
  • I have met my friend from university when one day, she asked me for my music history notes. She's like my little sister, even though she's two months older than me...but she tends to act like the younger one between us.
    • The two of us met this guy who was a trumpeter. We always hang around in the practice rooms at my university to practice our pieces. We were basically known as the "Practice Room Squad"
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