• waking up earlier
  • having a DESK & therefore not spending all day in bed like a slob
  • not having facebook or instagram to swallow up my time anymore
  • wearing my hair up high with non-black scrunchies. a lil grey. a lil white. yes.
  • the lil tray of makeup & skincare i have on my desk
  • just my room in general now that it's clean & i have new furniture
  • my google home mini. using it to play music & to serenade me to sleep with the sounds of rain
  • fitting back into my old skirts. i cry
  • shark smile by big thief. "evelyns kiss was oxygen"
  • art. badly drawing in my sketchbook. hoping to the gods i get better
  • The Great Sickness of January 2019 which finally got me out of my maintenance phase & down 1.2kg so far. good stuff, y'all
  • my ipad
  • procreate / making shitty art on Said procreate
  • reading. who'd have thunk it
  • the punisher
  • taking photos on my ricoh
  • my boys new haircut
  • lindt chocolate........
jan 14 2019 ∞
feb 16 2019 +