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  • Evangeline Romilly
  • Bethany Isadora Genevieve
  • Luna Emberly Ruth
  • Noémie Celia

Eva, Beth, Luna, & Noémie


  • Eden Roe
  • Dakota Evander
  • Sebastian [undecided middle]
  • Leonardo Royce Donovan
  • Royce Caden ?

Eden, Dakota, Bast, & Leo

apr 20 2012 ∞
jun 21 2013 +
user picture vagabond: Bethany Isadora Genevieve<3 apr 20 2012
user picture Cecilia: C:
user picture Dayton: I love Eden Roe! jun 29 2012
user picture Cecilia: Thank you! =) jul 21 2012
user picture Kiskadee: Aw your names are so cute! I love all your girls names (especially Bethany Isadora Genevieve <3). Eden Roe is very cool =) Dakota and Sebastian Alfred aren't quite my style, but the combos work well (and I LOVE Evander <3). I love Bast as the nickname for Sebastian though <3 (Bast is my favorite Ancient Egyptian goddess, but it totally works as a nickname for Sebastian =D) I love Leonardo Royce Donovan =) sep 22 2012
user picture Cecilia: Thank you so much, Saki! ^_^ I actually think I'll be changing Alfred to something else soon though. But I still love Sebastian and the nickname Bast :3 sep 23 2012
user picture katya: Leonardo Royce Donovan is lovely. I really hope you name one of your children that. jun 20 2013