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  • Named after DW from the show, Arthur
    • DW stands for Dora Winifred
  • German Shepherd Labrador mix
  • Born on May eighth
    • Currently twelve years old
  • The greatest gift I have ever received ❤
  • Likes
    • Cuddling
    • Walking through people's legs
  • Does not like
    • Lettuce
    • Squeaky toys
jan 26 2012 ∞
jun 20 2013 +
user picture Kiskadee: AWWW! She's soooo CUTE <333 I want a dog, soooo badly, but my college apartment doesn't allow pets D'= mar 26 2012
user picture Cecilia: Thank you! :D No pets allowed? Awww, sorry! :'C mar 27 2012
user picture Kiskadee: They don't even allow fish! How crazy is that! As soon as I graduate though (and start making a living so I actually have some money) I'm going to buy a dog! =D
user picture Cecilia: Waaaaaat. UNFAIR. Good luck with getting a dog! You'll have to tell us what its name is when you get it, d'aaaw ;w; mar 30 2012
user picture Kiskadee: Haha, will do =D That will be far off in the future though I'm afraid =(
user picture Cecilia: Aw :C Well, hey you never know. Maybe you'll get it sooner. Or maybe fate is trying to tell you the right dog for you isn't ready yet. Hehe, yes I'm one of those weird people who thinks everything happens for a reason xD apr 6 2012
user picture Kiskadee: That's a good point =)