Pretty boys and girls in cute outfits and their stories... Except, due to reasons, I'm not really caught up in that department for most of them. No, I don't spend real money on the gachas.

Love Live

  • I used to be a diehard Love Live fan. The franchise is still relevant to me, but I just haven't been following up with the news that well. I'm not that familiar with the PDP girls. I still have four SIF accounts I oblige myself to go on everyday. I do this thing where I splurge all my blue coupons every half a year. It was the first series I bought merch for (though it was also because I was visiting a place with quick access to them). I follow the music and am always in the mood for certain songs. I just don't read the game stories, but maybe that'll change when All Stars come out. I haven't watched the newest movie yet.

Best Girls:

  • Nozomi
  • Nico
  • Chika
  • Mari

Ensemble Stars

  • This was always on my radar because of the art. While I'm not particularly fond of the gameplay, I am undoubtedly intrigued by the story. I may not spend much time on the game, but I do want to catch up with all the crazy drama and whatnot.
  • I really like Knights, and from the little I've read, Leo is my favorite. Nazuna, Tsukasa, and Tori are also really close. I'm interested in getting to know more about Valkyrie, 2twink, and Switch.

Bang Dream

  • I've played the game a while back when it came out on JP and EN, but for reasons, I ended up deleting them. I find having both versions to be too laggy, and it heats up my device too quickly, so now I've decided to stick to only EN. As for the music, I love Roselia and Raise A Suilen the most. However, for the characters, I'm more interested in HaroHapi and PasuPare. I haven't gotten around to finishing the season 1 anime (not a high priority), and I haven't started 2 yet.
  • My favorite is Kokoro right now, but I'm also loving Hagumi, Hina, Chisato, Aya… Honestly, they're all really good.

Hypnosis Mic

  • I didn't think I was going to get into this. The art style isn't particularly my type, and there are already too many stories I haven't gotten to. Apparently liking the music too much is enough for me to become so interested in them?
  • My favorite would be Gentaro. The combination of his voice, appearance, and the fact he’s a liar… Yes, I'm biased. The others are very interesting too.

I have a small amount of interest in I-Chu and Ensemble Girls, but I don't know if I can handle getting into them yet.

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