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  • on the first night of 2021, i dreamt of something horrible and woke up sobbing. the next few nights were also nightmares. why tho
  • i finished alice in borderland because yuta & jungwoo watched it. it was fun i liked arisu and kuina, chishiya is a bit annoying smh
  • my skin is at its worst state right now i just hope it gets better over time bc im leaving for uni soon
  • i still want to lose weight or get taller or have clear skin
  • nct 2020 was amazing it was a whole ass rollercoaster ride bc many things happened and some were unsolved but overall i had a great time, crazy how it started 4 months ago, felt like yesterday
  • idk what interest i'll get into this year, im curious as well, im trying not to be too attached to nct. and it feels so much better when i take a break and watch netflix
  • i feel like the most influential friends since quarantine is ecclesia, candya, then kylie. i really dont talk to many people and idk whether i should worry about it bye (update: we're not as bad)
  • wheres my high school romance ?! single all my life
  • i went to cali's bday on sunday. i loved the octopus salad w potato and garlic aioli honestly it gave me a good impression. i also ate tom yam noodle, spicy salmon roll, aglio olio and other forbidden food LOL then the next day i started feeling unwell, w runny nose sore throat n frequent coughing but i got rapid tested and luckily the result came out negative
  • 127 day! they reached 10m on ig during the live, the live ended on 1hr 27min 27 sec, kick it reached 100m on 12.27, literally what is up w that number. anyways they were so happy that day i love them so much
  • im very concerned about my skin i worry about it 15 times a day but it's getting better! im also watching my food intake and reducing as much forbidden food as i could
  • oh im now also twitter mutuals w derren n flo, its so much fun in here LMFAO
  • im glad im exploring new music (first love released a few days ago and i cant stop listening to it!!!)
  • no covid cases in the whole country of australia. like danggg i wanna be there soon (which reminds me that mark made an ig)
  • on 29 jan (yeaterday) my skin clear af omg i started doing the ice thingy and wowww im impressed
  • went to facial again yesterday but i didnt cry and i felt that there werent much acne compared to the previous one
  • ive been listening to a lot of cocteau twinssss love their songs even though idk wat theyre saying
  • taeyongstagrammm
  • my y11 gpa is 3.87 ?? i thought that was impossible i'll do my best to make it 4
  • it's the first day of march and recently ive been feeling disgusted by myself after eating bc i dont want my skin to be ruined again but theres nothing else to eat so i just give in... idk what i should do
  • my intrusive thoughts are often about papercuts like i could be trying to sleep but then i have to massage my fingers to make sure i dont actually have papercuts.. idk why i think that way it's been happening these days. aside from papercuts im also scared things will fall it's been a long time since ive had these thoughts. theres a mug on the table n i'd flinch bc i imagine it to fall
  • it's 22 march... it's been stressful and kylie told me she cried out of stress and all i feel so so terrible
  • i get easily stimulated by cologne it's a bit crazyyyy like my heartbeat goes fast as hell when im near anybody who wears dat
  • i haven't been to medisa for a while now and my skin's clearing up so!!! ive also been watching what i eat n stuff
  • my future reading is kinda interesting the guy said i'd get married late probably to the ceo or the ceo's son, i'm more focused on my career so relationships won't work out if i get married young so. but anyways
  • want to travel so bad
  • one thing i learned this year. sometimes u need to learn and live in the moment. u worry too much about what will happen in the future but in reality u will look back and realize that u shouldve been more observant
  • another thing. everything is in ur hands. whether u want to be smarter, get skinnier or whatever. u have the power to change anything
  • i just went home from josephines bday (love my way was playing in the bg it was cool) grateful to have my friends and certainly to have whatever i have now. i shouldve been more grateful from the start
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