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it's a sope world with yoonkook drinks and minjoon beaches and namseok air and namgi music and taekook sweaters and jinkook smiles and whole lot of other things.

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Hoseok wants to crawl inside a photograph and stay there for a while.

yoongi can paint in the sunset with the sight of hoseok's smile, and colour in the rest of the world with the sound of his laughter

hoseok and yoongi meet on the internet, become friends, both end up in seoul, become better friends, move in together, and then eat some pancakes. oh, also they make out.

Yoongi is past the point where it surprises him.

Hoseok has always caught his eye. It is what it is. Yoongi can live with it. hoseok and yoongi meet on the internet, become friends, both end up in seoul, become better friends, move in together, and then eat some pancakes. oh, also they make out.

yoongi and hoseok are childhood friends who live in a terrible apartment with min holly. they are also in love with each other. and bad at context clues.

Yoongi and Hoseok are neighbors in a city with only one climate: rain.

that idol au where yoongi is an up and coming underground rapper and hoseok is the nation's sweetheart, and all they ever wanna be is okay. just okay.

the AU where broke college Jung Hoseok decided to fuck it and become a nude model for artist Min Yoongi.

Unknown [Picture sent] wait wait a second i f*cked up wrong number I F*CKED UP HOW 2 UNSEND SH*T

Yoongi okay, one: why are you sending dick pics to someone you don’t already have in your contacts two: why the fuck do you put an asterisk in your curse words and three: you kind of have a nice dick so thanks for sharing??

"I made a horrible impression in the airport and thought I’d never have to see you again, but I just found out you’re in the seat next to me for the entire flight” AU.

There is a List of Things one should always be aware of when Min Yoongi comes into the picture. Jung Hoseok does not get the memo.

yoongi gets drunk, sees hoseok in the bar, throws some pickup lines and decides hoseok is the best thing he's ever seen.

When it comes to fucking around with his best friend, Yoongi follows two rules: They must be inebriated. They must not kiss.

Straight fuckboy Hoseok discovers he's not so straight because of (thanks to?) one very openly gay Min Yoongi.

yoongi meets hoseok in a 24 hour laundromat the night after moving to seoul

Everyone has a song in their heart, that's the way it has always been for Yoongi, hearing souls in sounds. But why does Hoseok have two songs?

Yoongi is an uninspired producer and Hoseok, well, Hoseok is something between a dream and a miracle.

“Yoongi, I want you,” he whispers, voice low.

The elder stares back at him with a peculiar expression. “I already agreed to let you paint me.”

“No,” Hoseok rasps out, shaking. “Yoongi, I want you.”

We attend the same school and offer each other glances in the hallway, but we live on the same street and often I wish I could find myself with my hand in yours, watching the sun set to sleep.

Hoseok works at a bakery and Yoongi is 1/3 of the country's biggest band.

In which Hoseok has insomnia, and Yoongi has a really really nice voice.

In which Min Yoongi discovers the meaning of love at three different phases in his life, and Jung Hoseok is the one constant.

When Namjoon practically guilt trips Hoseok into playing an MMORPG with him, Hoseok doesn't anticipate befriending a sarcastic boy with a lovely laugh and a voice that gives him goosebumps.

Hoseok also doesn't anticipate falling in love with him.

If someone were to ask Min Yoongi how he got to where he was, he probably wouldn’t have a proper answer. He just knew that what he did paid the bills.

Because pornography, that paid the bills.

Evening shift at a convenience store. Night shift at a bar. Construction work when there is an opening.

Hoseok's newest part-time job? Babysitting the out-of-control, unreadable, defiant son of the richest man in Korea. Hopefully, the hefty paycheck is worth the effort.

Yoongi is a wolf and Hoseok is a lamb trying to run away from home.

So here's the thing: Hoseok's in love with his roommate. What a cliche, right?

He picks up the glass he is drinking from, clenching it tightly as something inside him makes him want to throw it at a wall, but Hoseok’s wrist is around his, stopping him and he cries out from the pain. The glass slips from his grip, to the floor, crashing anyway.

Somewhere he hears Holly yipping and he shouts at his dog to stay put in the kitchen, panic filling him up at the thought of Holly getting hurt.

Holly pauses, studying Hoseok warily, and he calms his dog down.

“Stay, baby. Okay, good boy. Stay.”

He yanks his hand away from Hoseok, stepping around the broken glass to get to his dog, and he locks himself and Holly in the spare bedroom, away from Hoseok, away from the glass shards on the floor.

Away from everything that hurts.

When he's 13, Yoongi's village gets burned to the ground and he's taken prisoner. When he's 20, he gets sold to a British royal as a pleasure slave. When he's 25, he meets pirate captain Jung Hoseok.

Now Yoongi leans forward to set his drink on the coffee table, gently but with clear purpose. “Okay, then, let's go.”

A chorus of soft oohs bounces off the walls, and Hoseok’s brow furrows. “Wh– What do you mean, ‘Let’s go’?”

“Let’s play Gay Chicken,” Yoongi says simply, the faintest hint of a challenge playing at the edges of his words.

The person that was perfect for him was also the person who would likely ruin him.

(Childhood friends Yoongi and Hoseok reunite after years, when they come from completely different worlds and don't fit into each other's lives anymore. But they try and make room anyway.)

After the loss of their child, Yoongi and Hoseok are ready to move on - move out of their suburban house into a city, forget their grief and loss and rebuild their lives. At least, they thought they were.

Each piece of furniture, each spare placemat brings back a memory that they have to relive: their attempts to have a child, the arguments, the pirate dress up days, the sex. And with each memory comes a pain that neither of them quite know what to do with.

It's a long sixteen hours, but at least they have each other.

Yoongi's neighbour tries to kill him.

He's not particularly offended; she is, after all, four. What he is offended by is her father. Her kind, funny father, who smiles at him like the sun and is just as blinding...

(Or: Jung Hoseok is the single father of the weirdest child Min Yoongi has ever met, and he thinks he might be falling in love.)

“I found a pink note on the bathroom mirror. It says, ‘Your gummy smile makes my day.’ What do you think of that?”

“Oh, yeah?” Hoseok audibly gulps down his food and tries not to sound guilty when he replies, “I mean, I honestly have to agree with them on that one."

(Or, Yoongi reveals a certain insecurity that he has and Hoseok would do anything in the world to make him feel beautiful.)

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