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hello! my names hal, but you can call me iah as well :)
im 14, bisexual, and use he/him pronouns! its nice to meet you!

im mainly putting kin and oc related lists here :)

hal follows:

ids/big kins:

  • hoppip (pokemon)
  • john egbert (homestuck)
  • kenjirou minami (yuri on ice)
  • monoma neito (bnha)
  • sobble (pokemon)

secondary kins:

  • karkat peixes (homestuck bloodswap)
  • kouichi haimawari (bnha vigilantes)
  • tomoe mami (madoka magica)
  • tsukasa suou (ensemble stars)
  • wally (pokemon)
  • jake english (homestuck)
  • karkat vantas (homestuck)
  • aradia megido (homestuck)
  • john lalonde (homestuck kidswap - rose ways)

doubles are a-ok! im mostly doing this to have fun :)

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welcome to the magical support agency!

  • naruse
    • 17
    • the head of magical affair's son. this fact constantly stresses him out
    • made the agency! they help with solving magic related problems around the town. your school's haunted? need a spell for good luck? call the magical support agency
    • magical (duh)
    • a dual user (steel and electric) and has minor telekinesis powers partly bc of his types
  • reika
    • 14
    • comes from an anti-magic family and lives at the agency. naruse is like an older brother to her
    • kinda apathetic about everything but love...
mar 9 2019 ∞
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