Lesson One: Deconstructing Faces video

  • find some illustrations, picture books, etc with illustrations of faces that you like. Study the ways the separate parts of the face are drawn:
    • eyes
    • nose
    • mouth
    • ears
    • others, e.g. eyelashes, eyebrows, philtrum.
  • find five different ways that you can draw each element. Make them more or less detailed, rounder or more elongated, etc. Try adding shading to some to make them more 3D.

Lesson Two: Six Faces video

  • draw six face outlines. Start by drawing one face. On the next face, change one feature but draw the rest the same.
  • try to finish this exercise within 10 minutes.
  • repeat the exercise as many times as you like.
  • notice which features you repeated the most and which face you like overall. Perhaps choose a couple to cut out and turn into full-length figures.

Lesson Three: Face Shortcut video

  • spend some time away from online sources before starting this exercise.
  • draw the face following the instructions for this video.
  • this face is the basis for Lesson Four.

Lesson Four: Painting Your Face video

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