current goals

  • crack open the metorite!
  • upgrade my axe
    • 5 Gold Bars (2 Iron Bars >> 1 Gold Bar)
    • Take to Clint
  • get a shitload of Hardwood because I need it for just about everything I want to do *sighs*
  • create a grass farm
  • make casks!!
    • 20 Wood
    • 1 Hardwood
  • build more worm bins:
    • 25 Hardwood
    • 1 Gold Bar
    • 1 Iron Bar
    • 50 Fiber (collect from Mines Lv 5-10 & 25)
  • set up a proper honey area
  • make iridium sprinkler: (made 6)
    • 1 Gold Bar
    • 1 Iridium Bar
    • 1 Battery Pack (collect from Lightning Rods after storm - not Wi)
  • buy more animals for Coop (can have 12)
  • get more cows & pigs (got 1 cow)
  • set up more tappers
  • put out furniture
  • make another crystalarium: (Need Mining Lv 9)
    • 99 Stone
    • 5 Gold Bars
    • 2 Iridium Bars
    • 1 Battery Pack
  • build more kegs (approx. 3)
    • 30 wood
    • 1 copper bar
    • 1 iron bar
    • 1 oak resin
  • dig in the Mountain area in Autumn for a chance of getting a Dinosaur Egg. (Robin's house ; Linus' Tent; Train Station ; around lake ; Adventurer's Guild ; Quarry)

Birthday & Festival Calendar[]


  • Loves
    • truffle
    • goat's cheese
    • salad
    • rabbit's foot
  • Likes:
    • common mushroom, chanterelle, morel (NOT red!!)
    • melon, peach, cherry
    • driftwood, holly, daffodil, dandelion
    • beer, juice
    • blackberry, blueberry

General Farming Tips

  • Plant as many multi-harvest crops on the first day of the season as possible. Also plant some patches of longer-growing crops. Use gap-filler crops to make some fast money, then later in the season once the longer-growing crops die down.
  • Seriously, spend about 80% of your gold on seeds on the first day. Otherwise you'll be going back to Pierre's a stupid amount of times. Any leftover seeds can be used the next year anyway.
    • Hit Shift-Click to purchase in lots of 5.
  • Use speed-gro mainly on multi-harvest crops. Use fertiliser on single harvest crops.
  • Try to keep something growing on fertilised squares through til the end of the month, or they will disappear and you will need to add more fertiliser.
  • to grow giant crops:
    • works with cauliflower (Spring), melons (Summer) and pumpkins (Autumn).
    • Must be planted in a 3x3 square.
    • Don't just create 3x3 patches, but create larger ones so there are multiple spots for the giant crops to develop.
    • Use deluxe speed-grow to make them ripen faster.
    • Once the patch ripens, DO NOT harvest straight away. Leave it for a few days. Can even leave until the end of the season.
    • Giant crops don't wither at the end of the season - they will last indefinitely.
  • Rare Seeds:
    • produces the Sweet Gem Berry - worth a considerable amount.
    • plant in Autumn; takes 24 days to grow.
    • Seeds can be bought from the Travelling Cart.
    • Cannot be put into a Preserves Jar or Keg, cannot made into any foods, and no villagers like them. Their value is purely in their monetary worth.
  • Place a path square underneath your sprinkler to stop from accidentally digging it out when you hoe around it.
  • If you're running out of space, build sheds - they are about 4 times as large on the inside as they are on the outside. You can also decorate the floor and walls.

Spring Tips

  • multi-harvest crops:
    • strawberries (19)
    • green beans (17)
    • coffee ★ (see note below)
  • best single harvest crops:
    • rhubarb (14) (purchase seeds from oasis)
  • gap-filler crops:
    • garlic (23)
    • kale (23)
  • best flower:
    • blue jazz (20)
  • Spring seeds crafting (makes 10):
    • horseradish
    • daffodil
    • leek
    • dandelion
  • tips:
    • buy lots of Strawberry seeds at the Egg Festival stall: this is the only place you can buy them.
    • save 1 Strawberry for Luau (in Summer)
    • Salmonberries can be foraged 15th-18th.
    • coffee beans are available from the Travelling Cart (1 in 4 chance). They grow through Spring and Summer. They are extremely prolific and can be made into coffee using the Keg. Beans can also be re-planted. Use Deluxe Speed Gro, not fertiliser.

Summer Tips

  • multi-harvest crops:
    • blueberries
    • hops
    • corn (see note below)
  • best single harvest crops:
    • melons
    • cabbage
    • starfruit
  • gap-filler crops:
    • radishes
    • wheat
  • best flower:
    • poppy
  • tips:
    • Although corn is not a high return crop, it will grow through both Summer and Autumn, giving you twice as much yield as any other plant.
    • Sunflowers grow through Spring and Autumn, but are not a high value crop. They are quite expensive to buy from the Store, but produce seeds as well as flowers that can be re-planted.

Autumn Tips

  • multi-harvest crops:
    • cranberries ★
    • grapes
  • best single harvest crops:
    • pumpkin (14)
    • artichoke (19)
  • gap-filler crops:
    • bok choy (23)
    • wheat (24)
  • best flower:
    • fairy rose (15)
  • tips:
    • Don't bother planting sunflowers to sell - you actually lose money.
    • Fair Event (16th)
      • have 9 different gold-star products ready to display.
      • have your produce judged before going to the shop as your prize is tokens for the shop.
      • fishing is the best and easiest way to earn tokens.
      • if you want to try the wheel of fortune, green seems to win more often.
    • Blackberries can be foraged 8th-11th.

Winter Tips

  • Fallow time: no crops grown.
  • Grass will not grow and cannot be harvested. Livestock need to be fed hay every day.
  • Fruit trees and honey are also dormant.
  • Create Winter Seeds by:
    • placing Winter Root into the Seed Maker.
    • Craft with one of each: Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam & Crocus
    • occasionally the Travelling Cart sells them.
    • I'm presuming they can only be grown in Winter, in which case you'd have to grow them in the Greenhouse? Test.
  • Winter is a good time for fishing and going in the mines on lucky days.
  • Always take your hoe with you as most foraged items need to be dug up out of the snow.

Socialising Tips

  • List of Common LikesBirthday & Festival Calendar
  • Choose a few people (5-8) to be friends with and note their likes.
  • Talking to people isn't worth much - giving them gifts raises friendship level much more quickly. Giving silver and gold gifts increases the effect on the friendship level (like and love only).
  • Make sure to note the birthdays of your target people. A gift on their birthday is worth over 2 hearts.
  • Carry around a few jars of pickles/jam, mayo, etc to give out to people you run into. Most people love flowers as well. Everyone likes Maple Syrup except Maru.
    • exceptions: Sebastian hates mayo/jam ; George & Abigail hate flowers. Abigail hates berries.
  • Don't bother giving silver- or gold-star items to people. It doesn't have any more effect than normal items.
  • {Apparently} friendships degrade over time, so make sure to build up friendships again before applying to Grandpa's Shrine for the Statue of Perfection.
  • Having Children:
    • Upgrade house to highest level.
    • Make sure relationship with spouse is at least 10 hearts.
    • There is a 5% chance they will ask if you want to have/adopt a child.
    • Going to bed before your spouse increases the chance.
    • If adopting, the baby arrives the next morning. If giving birth, after 14 days.
    • The baby does not need to be taken care of, etc.
    • The baby will appear in your social tab. At first, you will not be able to interact with the baby. Keep trying and you will be able to play with it.
    • He/she will go through stages of baby, toddler, child.

Artisan Tips

  • Almost all crops, fruit and foraged items can be turned into pickles/jam (even wheat!). They are all worth significantly more, so it's worthwhile investing in a lot of Preserves Jars.
  • Pickles/jam made from silver- and gold-star produce is worth the same as that made from normal produce, so you may as well sell it as-is rather than preserving it.
  • Make sure to pet your animals every day, as when they reach 5 hearts, they will produce large items which are worth more.
  • crap from the coop:
    • Duck Feather: loved by Elliot. No other use.
    • Rabbit's Foot: loved by everyone except Penny. No other use.
    • Wool: loved by Emily. can make cloth but pretty pointless.
  • (Apparently produce is worth more when processed through Preserves Jar than through Keg ... confirm this.)
  • casks: must be placed in cellar. Convert basic items to iridium quality. May take up to 2 seasons. Works on wine, ale, beer, mead and cheese (all types).

Fishing Tips

  • Try fishing under different conditions (raining, morning, at night) and in different locations to catch different types of fish.
  • It's more economical to buy a crab pot than buy the iron ore to make one.

Mining Tips

  • Unwanted swords, boots, etc can be sold at the Adventurer's Guild.
  • Bombs are required at the Skull Caverns.
  • Complete the fishing bundles at the Community Centre to obtain a pan (must meet with Willy at the waterfall the next day). Look out for shining sparkles in the rivers and pan them to obtain minerals.
  • How to get Iridium Ore:
    • Quarry (rare)
    • panning in streams (rare)
    • meteorites (rare - have to upgrade pickaxe)
    • Skull Cavern (Lv. 20+ - most common)
    • Omni Geodes (1 in 20 chance)
    • Statue of Endless Fortune
    • Statue of Perfection

General Tips

  • You can place artisan machines in the barn/coop to save too much walking, and also save space.
  • The travelling cart appears on Fridays and Sundays. It's the best way to buy Ancient Seeds (though appear rarely). Most other items are ridiculously expensive.
  • The Secret Forest can be accessed once you have upgraded your axe to steel. Much hardwood and slimes can be obtained there. The pond can also be fished.
    • Much Hardwood and sometimes rare foraging items can be found there.
  • For Clint's ore quest - take the ores out of your chest one by one. Do not take any more than required or he will keep them as a 'gift'.

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