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I'm a gay in his prime.. Lost the battle of the most sexiest weirdo alive


Please do not follow if;

  • You're a minor
  • You're a pedophile/MAP/Proshippers (Not Animation based)
  • You're into kinship or ""comfort characters""
  • You're not able to understand not everything a mentally ill person does that harms others is intentional or of their own volition
  • You're okay with ablest humour (Using Autism or Downs Syndrome etc as slurs)
  • You're okay with problematic figures (Shane Dawnson, Jefferies Stars, Chris Pratt, Trisha Paytas etc..)
  • You're okay with religion being an excuse for bigotry or harmful behaviour
  • You're Pro-Trump, Right-Winged or Anti-Human Rights (Against Women's choice to abort)
  • You're racist, homophobic, sexist, ablest, colourist or transphobic

Triggers (Please tag); - Things that invokes a very severe response of distress/mood change

  • Black on Black colourism
  • Christmas
  • Cops
  • Fireworks
  • Gaslighting (Vicariously and directly)
  • Minecraft related (Mostly sensory related but tag if mobs are involved too in video)
  • Spiders
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