• watching movies, either to analyze or just for enjoyment.

film is so special to me since it's such a form of escapism but can also be so deep and have more meaning than just the story. film is a visual, moving art form. seeing every aspect of a movie come together and contribute to the story is fascinating.

  • reading.

books have always been such a big part of my life and as i grow up. i can remember first learning how to read and write, reading only picture books with the shortest sentences and being so enthralled. as i got older, i loved going to the library or bookstores, seeing all of the options, the overwhelming possibilities. now whenever i read, i look to be completely invested in the story. seeing the words on the page become vivid in my imagination, as if the words were coming to life in my own mind.

  • listening to music.

music is something i could never live without. i love exploring different genres, seeing what i enjoy or what isn't my taste. whether it be the sheet music in my chorus class, broadway tunes, the carefully crafted playlists on my spotify, or the score of a movie or tv show. music carries so much deep emotion and i just love discovering more about it. i would love to learn how to play an instrument and learn how to read sheet music, making my own music and lyrics for my own enjoyment would be a dream.

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