• I go by they/them pronouns.
  • I am asexual aromantic, I am also sexually repulsed so don't talk about real world sexual stuff around me. ( As for images I am not bothered by NSFW drawings of fictional characters or fanfics, and only of NSFW of real people just so you know. )
  • I am 2 years old, and my birthday is 10/19/92.
  • I live in the united states in the state of Texas, and grew up in a small town called Dayton in liberty county.
  • I draw using medibang paint or fire alpaca.
  • I have schizotypal personality disorder, might be autistic, suffer from violent instrusive thoughts, and may have undiagnosed PTSD.
  • I am a CSA/COCSA, and child abuse/neglect survivor.
  • I have hypothyroidism, and I am also prediabetic.
  • I don't show people pictures of myself to people or do selfies due to many reasons.
  • I currently live with my mom, and grandma.
  • I don't have a job, but I want one despite it being possibly hard for me to do.
  • I am currently making stories having to do with universe I created called the agalorix verse.
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