-Am I utilizing the tool that is my body? Do I partake in regular exercise that I enjoy and makes me feel energetic during the day and satisfyingly tired at night?

- Am I using my body to try cool things (rock climbing, aerial trapeze, swing dancing)?

-Am I maintaining good hygiene, going to regular check ups, paying attention to any oddities of my organs?

-Do I floss? Keep a skincare routine? Wear sunscreen? Keep my hair from heat damage?


-Am I keeping up with the events in the world?

-Am I learning more about topics I'm interested in through events, podcasts, books, etc.?

-Am I learning and practicing new skills, languages, and finding out about things I never thought about before?

-Am I sharing my insights on the world in a concise and meaningful way?

-Am I checking in on the state of my mental health? Am I curating good productive thoughts? Am I mindful of if I need therapy and going if I do?


-Do I believe in something? Am I in tune with my purpose, my being, my soul, the world, and the universe?

-Am I regularly meditating, contemplating philosophy, sitting outside in nature and just taking in everything with my senses?

-What are my values and morals? Are my actions and words reflecting the kind of person I want to be?

-What was I brought to this Earth to do, and am I doing it?


-Do I like the people around me? Do they make me laugh, encourage me to be better, support me when I'm down, look at the world with an open and warm heart, hold me accountable, and expand my mind?

-Am I meeting diverse people? Am I learning from my elders and mentoring the youth? Am I aware of my community and being a good friend/family member? Do I know people's birthdays and love languages? Am I listening more than I am talking?

-Do I have any resentment in my relationships? Am I keeping healthy boundaries, vocalizing my concerns, and managing conflict calmly? Am I cutting out people who are toxic to my well being?

-Am I encouraging my community to be closer-knit? Am I hosting events and dinners? Am I connecting my network together? Am I expanding the perspectives and advocating for the marginalized? Am I bringing people together to coordinate solutions on local and global problems?

-Am I up to date with politics and socio-economic systems? Am I voting? Involved in the discussion? Fighting for better values in our world?


-Do I have a career plan? Do I like what I do? Am I taking the steps to go where I want to go?

-Is my job meaningful? Does it need to be? Am I being fairly compensated and given room to grow?

-How up to date is my resume? Do I have business cards? Am I networking? Am I learning relevant softwares and skills? Am I publishing anything in my field?

-Am I being mentored in my field? Am I mentoring someone who is below me?

-Do I want to go back to school? Is there a plan for that? Do I need to switch careers?


-Do I have a budget? Do I have a plan for my goals, debts, and expenses? Is my emergency fund filled?

-Do I live within my means? Do I indulge in materialism? Do I donate to causes I care about?

-Am I using money to expand my skills, experiences, and give me more freedom in life?

-Am I investing in retirement, big future expenses, and my savings?


-If I'm single: am I happy while being alone before pursuing a relationship? Am I aware of my boundaries and communicating it well? Are my expectations realistic? Am I honest and open without being exploited?

-If I'm involved: does this person share my values? Can I spend the day doing nothing with them and be happy? Can I rely on them to be there in the bad times? Do they want to make the world better with me? Are they upfront and mature? Am I putting in an equitable amount of labor in the relationship?


-Am I making sure to have time for my bucketlist (big and small)?

-Is my home a mess? Am I organized?

-Am I journaling regularly?

-Is there any regret in my life? What can I do to change it?

-Am I creatively fulfilled?

-Am I taking risks and being spontaneous at times? Am I challenging myself in something new every day?

-How's my self-esteem and self-image? Am I expressive in who I am and my style? Do my surroundings reflect my uniqueness?

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