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About page for Hooded-Cavy. This page updates every once in a while just fyi

Cavy follows:

Don't Follow/Interact (Shouldn't apply if I follow you first)

  • If you participate in ace discourse (I can't believe I typed that out jfc)
  • If you think reverse oppression is a thing
  • If you read/support Killing Stalking (I pray that it isn't still a thing)
  • If you think fiction doesn't affect reality/think harmful things are ok as long as they're "fictional"
  • If you call yourself a weaboo/weeb (I don't care if it's ironic or not stay away)
  • If you fetishize or support abuse/pedophilia/incest
  • If you're a Trump supporter in any way
  • If you are a terf/swerf/radical feminist
  • If you're a fetish or NSFW account
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dec 3 2017 +

Peronal Projects:

  • Uhh a bunch of stuff
  • Start drawing shit other than cats oh my god


  • Black Water Hollyleaf MAP Part 2 (35% done)
  • A Century is All We Need Warriors MAP Part 4 Redo (75% done)
  • My Time MAP Part 27 (50% done)
  • Okaasan no Uta (Mother's Song) OC MAP Part 8 (50% done)
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dec 3 2017 +

Hey my digital art commissions are open please pay me

Maybe one day I'll do plushie commissions and I hope to also do sticker commissions soon too.

aug 25 2017 ∞
dec 3 2017 +
  • YouTube (Animations and such; active)
  • Weasyl (Art account; active)
  • Private Weasyl ( ;^) )
  • Twitter (Doodles and photos among other things; active)
  • Private Twitter (Venting, some art, and other personal shit; not very active)
  • Deviantart (Other art account; active)
  • 8tracks (Mostly just for saving playlists but I may upload my own; not very active)
  • Warriors OC Tumblr (Tumblr account for my Warriors OC comic and art; active)
  • Livejournal (Only made to join one community; not very active)
  • Vimeo (For uploading videos when youtube won't let me; not very active)
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